Content Analyzer - Supported File Types

With the Content Analyzer, you can check any file types your Acrolinx Platform supports. You can also check websites.

What You Can Check

The Content Analyzer can check all locally stored files types that your Acrolinx Platform supports. To see a full list of supported file and input types, see the article Supported Input Types in the Core Platform documentation.

You can use the version picker to view the supported input types for your specific version of Acrolinx.

Your Acrolinx administrator can also extend the file extensions that Acrolinx can recognize. See the article How to Configure Acrolinx to Recognize Your File Type to learn more.

The Content Analyzer can also check web pages. You can check multiple web pages at once by configuring the Content Analyzer to follow all the links from a given URL. The Content Analyzer only searches for HTML pages. Pages with frames that use Javascript to inject content aren’t supported. The Content Analyzer also won't check password protected pages.