Content Analyzer - Release Notes

Version 2.3 (4 December 2019)


In our continued effort to make Acrolinx more accessible to everyone, we're proud to announce that we've added more accessibility features for the visually impaired!

We also fixed a small bug.



If you use a screen reader with the Content Analyzer, we've added the following cues to improve accessibility.

Check Status Feedback

When you run a check in the Content Analyzer, you'll receive voice feedback when the check starts and finishes.

Guidance Profile Feedback

When you select a Guidance Profile, you'll receive voice feedback when the Guidance Profile becomes focused. That's so you'll know which profile you've selected.

Error Dialog Feedback

When you come across an error, the screen reader announces the error.

Sidebar Tab Feedback

The screen reader now reads back which tab you've selected, and also tells you how many tabs there are. For example, when you toggle to tab 3, the screen reader will give you the following feedback: "User Profile tab selected 3 of 4." All you have to do is press tab on your keyboard to get started.

Content List Accessibility

The list of your content is now accessible for a screen reader! You can tab and shift between columns, select or deselect rows, and sort content, all while receiving real-time verbal feedback from the screen reader.

Bug Fixes

URL Space Trimming

The website crawling didn't work as expected when you entered spaces at the beginning or end of the URL. We've fixed that so that you don't have to worry about trimming any extra spaces.

Platform Requirements

This version of the Content Analyzer requires Acrolinx Core Platform version 2018.12 or later.