Content Analyzer - Release Notes

Version 2.1 (8 August 2019)


With this update, you can connect to Acrolinx with non-standard SSL certificates. We've also improved proxy connection settings.


Connect with Non-Standard SSL Certificates

Your organization might use non-standard SSL certificates. For example, maybe you have a self-signed SSL certificate, or maybe you use a proxy that does SSL inspection. Until now, it wasn't possible to use all the features of the Acrolinx Content Analyzer in these cases.

Now, you can set the variable NODE_EXTRA_CA_CERTS. This should point to a .pem file that contains the details of your custom certificate authority. If you’re not sure how to access this .pem file, contact your administrator.

For more info, see the admin guide.

Improved Proxy Settings for Website Checks

If you use a proxy and tried to check website content, you probably had connection problems.

We’ve fixed this issue. The website checking feature now uses the same proxy settings as the rest of the Acrolinx Content Analyzer 2019.

For more info, see the admin guide.