Check Files or Websites with the Content Analyzer

The Acrolinx Content Analyzer can check local files and web content.

To load files to check, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Select Content tab
  2. Make sure Select Folders is checked.
  3. Click SELECT, find the folder that contains the files you want to check, and click Select Folder. You can also drag and drop files or folders to load them.
    The Content Analyzer will show a list of all the supported files that you loaded.
  4. By default, all files are loaded for checking. If you notice some files that you don't want to check, uncheck the checkbox for those files.

To load websites to check, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Select Content tab 
  2. Make sure the Select Websites option is selected and click SELECT
  3. In the window that appears, enter a URL or list of URLs with each URL on a new line and click OK.

    There are a few extra settings you can now use to define exactly what web content you'd like to check. To learn more about these settings, see the article on web content settings and use cases.

Start a Check

After you've loaded and selected your files or websites, you're ready to start a check.

To start a check, click the Check button

You'll notice the status in the header bar. This tells you how many items the Content Analyzer is checking, where it's up to, and whether there have been any errors. Depending on how many items you've selected, the check might take a while to complete. You'll notice your results appearing for each item as the check runs.

Get a Quick Overview

Once the check is complete, you can see the Acrolinx Score for each file or website. The Score appears in green, yellow, or red to give you a quick overview of your content. Click on the Acrolinx Score to open the Scorecard for a particular item.

You can decide which other columns you'd like to see by clicking the Columns button

Open the Content Analysis Dashboard

When the check is finished, you're ready to open the Content Analysis dashboard. In the Content Analysis dashboard, you can see the overall quality of the content that you've checked. It summarizes your entire check using charts and statistics, to equip you with a powerful analysis tool.

To open the Content Analysis dashboard in your browser, click the Content Analysis dashboard button

You can also share the Content Analysis dashboard by clicking the Share button

To learn more about the Content Analysis dashboard, take a look at our article on the Content Analysis dashboard.