Get Started with Acrolinx for Arbortext

Where's my Sidebar?

Once you've installed Acrolinx for Arbortext, an Acrolinx menu will appear in your Arbortext Editor toolbar, as well as a  button in your ribbon. You can use either of these to open the Sidebar.

Before you can use the Sidebar, you might need to enter your Acrolinx URL. If you don't know your Acrolinx URL, ask your Acrolinx administrator.

Sign in to Acrolinx 

When you open the Sidebar for the first time, you'll land on a start page where Acrolinx asks you for connection details. The Acrolinx Core Platform does the heavy lifting when it comes to analyzing your content, so you'll need to connect to one before you start checking. Your Acrolinx administrator should’ve given you your Acrolinx URL and sign-in details.

  1. Enter your Acrolinx URL and click CONNECT.

  2. Click SIGN IN to open the Acrolinx sign-in page. A browser window opens where you can enter your sign-in details and confirm the request to access your account.

And you're in! Hello Sidebar!

Change Your Acrolinx URL

You can change your Acrolinx URL by signing out and signing in again. Sign out from the slide-out menu in the Sidebar.

Change the Interface Language

By default, the Sidebar appears in English. If your Arbortext Editor language is German, French, Japanese, or Swedish, then your Sidebar will also appear in this language.