Adobe Experience Manager - Supported Content

Use Acrolinx for AEM to check content in the Touch UI and in the Classic UI and HTML content in Content Fragments.

What You Can Check

You can check content in the Touch UI in AEM. You can also check HTML content in Content Fragments.

If you use the XML Documentation Add-on for AEM, then you can also use Acrolinx for AEM to check your Assets DITA content.

Acrolinx for AEM supports DITA and XML document formats. This includes the DITA document types: concept, reference, task, topic. You can check your content with Acrolinx in Author mode.

Supported file types:

XML*.dita, *.xml

What Acrolinx Includes in Your Check

Acrolinx includes checks from AEM Sites.

Acrolinx for AEM can check content in most AEM components, and you can configure exactly which components to check in your Content Profile.

By default, Acrolinx checks the following components:

  • Text
  • Title
  • Table

You might have other components that you'd like to check, for example images or custom components. In this case, add them to your Content Profile so that Acrolinx knows to include them. See the section Component Configuration in our AEM admin guide for details on how to do this.