Acrolinx for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) - Release Notes

Version 1.6 (21 June 2019)


In this release, we worked to update our support of AEM products. We now support AEM 6.5, AEM XML Documentation solution 3.3. We've also improved some administrator options, making it easier to manage default check settings and to configure a proxy.


Updated Support

We've updated what Acrolinx supports in line with Adobe's strategy. That means we now support AEM 6.5, and AEM XML Documentation solution 3.3. We've also dropped support for the deprecated Classic and Scaffolding views.

Default Check Settings Use Guidance Profiles

If you use Guidance Profiles, you now have a simpler way to assign default check settings: set a default Guidance Profile! This makes it easier to configure and manage the settings that you want your writers to use.

Acrolinx Works with System Proxy

We've also enhanced our proxy settings. Now, you can configure a custom HTTP proxy using the Acrolinx Server Connection Settings in the Web Console.

Improved Stability of Custom Components

We improved the stability of custom components checks. Now, when you check a custom component, Acrolinx will check and highlight your content, but the cards in the Sidebar won't replace the content.

Platform Support

We developed and tested this version of Acrolinx for Adobe Experience Manager with:

  • AEM versions 6.4 and 6.5.
  • AEM XML Documentation solution version 3.3.

We also dropped support for AEM version 6.3.

This version of Acrolinx for AEM requires the following Acrolinx Products:

For Core Platform compatibility information, see our Compatibility Guide.