The Sidebar

The Acrolinx Sidebar makes it easy for you to create amazing content. It's like having your own personal content coach with you at all times. As you write, Acrolinx shows you how to tune your content for your audience with just a few clicks. From tweaking terminology to tightening your text, the Acrolinx Sidebar helps you create content that your audience will love.

Get Started

Use our helpful Sidebar guides to learn everything you need to know, from signing in to Acrolinx to the checking and menu options. Note that some features are slightly different for everyone depending on the authoring environment. Make sure you check out the articles on your Acrolinx Integration, too.

Get Started With the Sidebar

Read the Cards

When Acrolinx finds some issues, you'll get the results as cards in the Sidebar. For each issue, Acrolinx displays a colored card. The colors help you to identify the different issue types at a glance. Each Sidebar card offers you guidance but you can decide what to do with each issue.

The Sidebar Card Guide

The Scorecard

After you've run a check, you can view a Scorecard that scores your content based on the types of issues that you're checking for. You also get an overall Acrolinx Score when you check the entire document. To see your Scorecard, click on your Acrolinx Score at the top right of the Sidebar or click Scorecard in the slide-out menu.

Scorecard Essentials

Connection Issues

The Sidebar is a web application that runs inside your favorite authoring tool. This means that a lot happens in the background and it could be that you can’t connect to Acrolinx for different reasons. We’ve made a list of some issues we’ve seen that can help you troubleshoot your connection.

Connect Your Sidebar to Acrolinx

Keyboard Shortcuts

Find out which keys you can use to navigate the Sidebar without a mouse.

Sidebar Keyboard Shortcuts