Terminology Tab

If you have the privilege to Discover Terms, you'll notice a Terminology Tab in your Sidebar. This tab allows writers to discover terms, review them, and potentially add them to your terminology.

When you run a check, Acrolinx will automatically discover terms in your content that aren't yet in your terminology. Any discovered terms then show up as Sidebar cards in your Terminology Tab.

In older Acrolinx versions, discovered terms were mixed in among all your other issue cards. This meant that you had to sift through your issue cards to find discovered terms. It also meant that a writer who just wanted to check some content had to ignore any discovered terms. We created the Terminology Tab to separate these different use cases, so that you can focus on the task at hand.

If you click on a Sidebar card in the Terminology Tab, the card expands to show you all the sentences where Acrolinx found this term. You can click on any of these sentences to highlight that occurrence in your content.

If you have the privilege to contribute terms, you'll notice an arrow icon like this on the Terminology Tab Sidebar cards. You can click this arrow to contribute the term to your terminology. If you use an Acrolinx terminology database, you can contribute terms directly from the Sidebar using this arrow. If you use a third-party terminology database, clicking this arrow will open a separate window where you can contribute the term.


If you don't see any discovered terms in the Terminology Tab, make sure that:

  • In <config directory>/data/<LANG_ID>/configuration.properties the following property is set:

    <WRITING GUIDE>.termharvesting.onlyServerSide=false
  • You have the privilege to Discover Terms.