Get Started With Goals

A Target consists of one or more goals. A goal is an aspect of language that you want Acrolinx to focus on. For example, Tone is a goal, and so is Consistency. Each goal is made up of guidelines. A guideline relates to a specific piece of guidance that Acrolinx provides (for example “Is this word spelled correctly?”). To make guidelines easier to find, Acrolinx organizes them into broader groups (for example, “Spelling” and “Sentence Structure”).

You decide which goals you want to include in your Target and if they count toward the Acrolinx Score. To view and edit goals in the Targets section, you need to have the privilege Edit Targets.

Goals are set to Required by default. You can also set a goal to Recommended. If you do this, Acrolinx will show guidance for a goal, but it won’t count toward your score. Learn more in How Acrolinx Scores Are Calculated.

When you create a Target, you can select from the following goals. Click on each goal to learn more.

Each goal also comes with some presets. These presets help you set up the type of guidance you want from a goal so you don’t have to adjust all the guidelines yourself. You can use the presets that meet your needs — such as choosing a “conversational” tone — or create custom presets. 

If you click on a Target, it could look like this:

Target example

Select a Preset

Acrolinx provides presets that are suitable for a lot of content needs. The presets make it easy to pick the type of guidance you’d like so you don’t have to adjust each individual guideline. You can choose the preset that fits best for each goal.

To select a preset, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Targets in your Acrolinx Dashboard.
  2. Hover over the Target you’d like to edit and click the Target name.

  3. Click on a goal to expand it.

  4. Select a preset from the dropdown next to the goal name.

You can also create custom presets. See Fine-tune your Goals to learn more.