Welcome to Targets, Where You Manage Your Content Needs!

Targets make it easy to set up Acrolinx for your content. It’s a section in the Dashboard where you can define your content goals depending on your audience or content type. 

A Target is made up of goals, and a goal consists of guidelines. Acrolinx comes with goals for different content needs and specific presets for these goals. In many cases, you can use the presets and get started right away. You can also tweak any guidelines for your specific needs.

To view and edit this section, you need to have the privilege Edit Targets.

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You create a Target to tell Acrolinx what type of guidance you want for a particular type of content. Select the goals you want to include. With the Target assignment, you make sure that the right writers will use it.

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Target Assignment


A Target consists of one or more goals. A goal is an aspect of language that you want Acrolinx to focus on. You decide which goals you want to include in your Target and if they count toward the Acrolinx Score.

Get Started With Goals


Didn’t find the right preset? Or want to fine-tune a certain guideline? Then this is the place for you. You might also want to learn about context-specific guidelines that only apply in certain contexts, such as titles or lists.

Fine-tune Your Goals

Guidelines in Selected Contexts