Checking Profiles

Acrolinx has started to phase out support for Checking Profiles. But don’t worry! We've replaced them with Targets. If you have Targets enabled, you already have an easier way to manage your guidance. See Get Started With Targets to learn how Acrolinx now assigns check settings.

You might also want to look at our Sunset Policy.

You can use Checking Profiles to centrally manage most check settings on behalf of your users. When you use Checking Profiles, your users automatically receive the right settings after they start an Acrolinx Integration. Checking Profiles provide you with a way to group check settings into profiles that cover specific use cases. For example, if you have two user groups who check with different writing guides, you can create a Checking Profile for each user group. After you create the Checking Profiles, you can select the writing guide that each user group should receive by default.

How Checking Profiles Work

Checking Profiles store all settings that affect checking behavior. These settings include the types of issue to check, the writing guide for checking style and grammar as well as the term sets for checking terminology. You ensure that users get the appropriate settings by assigning Checking Profiles to user groups. You can group users by their Acrolinx roles or by additional information such as department or team. You can also assign Checking Profiles to individual usernames.

Get Started

The settings in a Checking Profile are broken down into different sections. Learn about basic settings and settings that affect checking behavior.

Create and Configure Checking Profiles


You might copy a Checking Profile if you want to create a second Checking Profile that is very similar to the first profile. You might delete a Checking Profile if you’re consolidating your Checking Profiles into fewer profiles.

Copy or Delete a Checking Profile


Review what settings are used across Checking Profiles. You can use the "Settings" report to review how your guidance settings are used across all your Checking Profiles. 

Usage Reports