We've given the Compatibility Guide a new home in the Acrolinx Documentation. For information on older versions of Acrolinx, you can still access the old Compatibility Guide.


What software do you need to run your Integration? Which Acrolinx Integrations are supported? Check out our guides.

Integrations Compatibility

Partner-built Integrations

Acrolinx Platform

Is your environment ready for the latest Acrolinx Platform version? Check on platform compatibility for Acrolinx Private Cloud, Standard Stack, or Classic.

Platform Compatibility

Input Types

Is your input type supported? Get an overview of the different input types that Acrolinx supports.

Supported Input Types

Support Scope

Which products and technologies does Acrolinx currently support, and for how long? Acrolinx checks content in different languages. Find out which languages it supports.

Product Sunset Policy

Acrolinx Language Support Matrix