Welcome to the Advanced Section!

If you're a Standard Stack user, you should familiarize yourself with the configuration directory before you start to configure Acrolinx. Because that's where you'll need to make most of the customizations, no matter if you want to configure something in Terminology, Analytics, Guidance, the Sidebar, or the Scorecard. Cloud users need to reach out to our support for most of the advanced configurations.

Requirements for Acrolinx Integrations

Find out what an Acrolinx Integration typically requires.

System Requirements for a Writer's Computer

Acrolinx Platform

Learn about some general configurations you can make in the Acrolinx Platform.

Acrolinx Platform Configurations


Our Terminology Tools are highly configurable. Learn how to shape them according to your Terminology needs.

Terminology Configurations


You might want to create your own dashboards to optimize your analysis or configure settings for the Analytics server.

Analytics Configurations


Tweak and tune your guidelines and Term Sets.

Guidance Configurations


Set up Findability, Single Sign-on, and Embed Check Data for your Sidebar users. Find out more about Sidebar configurations you might need.

Sidebar Configurations


Configure the Acrolinx Scorecard for Term Contribution and Flesch Reading Ease Score.

Scorecard Configurations