Acrolinx Release Notes (Including Subsequent Service Releases)

Version 2022.11 (22 November 2022) Private Cloud Only


Welcome to the Acrolinx Platform!

Wait what? Yes that's right, it's not the Core Platform anymore. With one of our regular Terminology updates, we decided it was time for a shorter, more informal name. You might've noticed us using the term "Acrolinx Platform" already, but now it's official. 

We're also very excited to announce various improvements to Content Cube. And we've done some bug fixing. Read on to find out more.


Core Platform Is Now Acrolinx Platform 

You'll notice this change in your download area and across all Acrolinx components. This has also led to some changes in the documentation. We've made sure that the updates won't affect you in any way – you'll just have to get used to a new name.

No API Token for the Built-In Admin

Tokens aren't for everyone. It’s no longer possible to create an API token for the built-in admin user, and the built-in user can't create an API token for their own account. There's simply no use case that would make this necessary.

Content Cube Improvements

New Overview Tab 

We've merged the old Discover and Track tabs to create a new Overview tab within Content Cube. With this tab, you can get a high-level understanding of how your content is doing.

The tab offers 2 ways to view content:

  • The Latest Performance view shows content from the latest check. If you want to take a closer look at specific pages, you can explore the content city.
  • The Past Performance view lets you keep track of content quality over time. Use the bar graph to see how your content scores change over different time periods.

To learn more, head over to our documentation on how to get an overview in Content Cube

Better Data Handling

We've improved how you can interact with your data. In the Overview tab, we've added a more detailed guideline analysis table in the Latest Performance view. Use the guideline table to pinpoint the most common types of issues.

Additionally, you can create new collections directly from the details cards list. This is useful if you want to segment collection content based on performance results.

We've added a search box to the Admin Console. You can now do a full-text search in every tab of the Content Library.

Bug Fixes

Dashboard Interface Language Glitch

In some cases, the modern view of the Dashboard didn't inherit the interface language setting of the classic view. We thought we'd fixed this with 2022.05, but it looks like the bug made itself at home. We've tackled this for good, so the language that you select is consistent for both views.

No Sentence Length Parameters in Clarity

This bug occurred when you used a guidance package version older than 2022.07 with an Acrolinx Platform version newer than 2022.07.

You weren't able to add a value to the Sentence Length guidelines in the Clarity goal. When you clicked the guideline, the value would switch to 0 (not a good length for a sentence). This caused a lot of issues because it also affected your custom guidelines. We've fixed this to make sure you can use a guidance package older than 2022.07 with this release.

Web Browsers

Supported web browsers for access to the Dashboard and Term Browser.

Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML 14)
Mozilla Firefox 68 or later
Google Chrome 76 or later
Safari 14