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Acrolinx helps you produce great content that's aligned with your goals and brand. It includes a Dashboard that opens in your Browser, and a Sidebar for your writers to use wherever they create content. When a writer has an Acrolinx Integration installed, they’re asked to sign in to Acrolinx and will get the Sidebar in return.

Acrolinx consultants set up each Acrolinx system. You can always refer to your customer success manager for help and further consulting. But if you’ve forgotten a detail, or want to reread the steps, then read on in Acrolinx Walkthrough - Explore the Essentials.

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Release Notes

Compatibility Guide

Sunset Policy

Use the Sidebar

The Acrolinx Sidebar works in combination with an Acrolinx Integration to let you check content wherever you create it. Learn how to use it to check your content and contribute terms.

The Sidebar


Contribute a Term

Use the Dashboard

The Dashboard is where you manage the whole Acrolinx process. What’s more, it equips you with a powerful analysis tool: Acrolinx Analytics. 

The Dashboard Explained


Security and Identity

Set Up Acrolinx for Your Writers

 Assign privileges to users according to their relevant areas of expertise. Then, add company-approved terminology and define your content goals depending on your audience or content type.

User Management




Standard Stack

If you host and maintain your own installation of the Acrolinx Platform, there are extra administrative steps that you should be aware of.

Standard Stack Only